Vote Paul for Ronald Wastewater Commissioner

Paul Barrera is your choice to bring good judgment, transparency, and independence to the Ronald Wastewater District.

Paul will bring good judgment to the Ronald Wastewater District. Paul is a business and tax lawyer who regularly advises individuals, businesses, and trusts and estates on how to minimize their legal spend and maximize the best outcome. The Ronald Wastewater District should vigorously review its contracts with law firms to see where legal spend could be reduced, and the savings appropriated to low income and senior discounts. As Commissioner, Paul will bring that good judgment to the Ronald Wastewater District to reduce legal spend, use the savings to increase discounts, and ensure smooth relationships with other government agencies and private sector entities.

Paul will bring transparency to the Ronald Wastewater Commissioner meetings. In the past year, the Commissioners have scheduled meetings during the day, when many of our commuter ratepayers are unable to attend. Additionally, the Commissioners have held special sessions to discuss various matters in Executive Session almost regularly. The practice of open meetings needs to be observed as the rule, and Executive Sessions observed as an exception to the open meeting rule. As Commissioner, Paul will advocate to hold meetings in the evenings to ensure transparency, and reduce the use of executive sessions.

Paul will bring independence to the Ronald Wastewater District. As long as the Ronald Wastewater District exists as a separate entity from the City of Shoreline, King County, the Town of Woodway, and Snohomish County, the Ronald Wastewater Commissioners must zealously advocate for the ratepayers. The Ronald Wastewater District, as its own independent utilities district, deserves vigorous representation in serving its own needs, to be represented alongside those of neighboring communities. As Commissioner, Paul will strongly represent the unique needs of the Ronald Wastewater District as a distinct entity.

This November 7, 2017, vote Paul for Commissioner No. 5, Ronald Wastewater District.

About Paul

Paul is a lawyer, a husband, and the father of three children. As a lawyer, Paul recently established North City Law in Shoreline, where he concentrates on business and tax matters for individuals, businesses, and trusts and estates. As a husband, Paul has been married to his wife Michaele since 2008. As the father of three children, Paul strives to keep up with his daughter and two sons, all under age 6.

You can contact Paul at

As promised at the Richmond Beach Community Association candidate forum on October 10, 2017, below is a picture of Paul and his family.